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We are Putting Governor Lujan Grisham and the New Mexico State Legislature on Notice!

Step 2 – Establishing Evidence of Wrongdoing

(You can complete step 2 even if you did not complete Step 1)

Deadline for Action August 7

(Earlier is Better!)

New Mexico Stands Up! has launched a new initiative to hold our public servants accountable for violations of their oath and our fundamental, constitutionally protected rights. We are using a constitutional remedy, which is a process executed by all of us as individuals, in which we exercise the power of the people as clearly defined in our state and federal constitutions. This action is a multi-step process which takes place outside of the court system and compliments the lawsuits undertaken by NMSUp! The current campaign is directed at our New Mexico Governor and Legislature.

THANK YOU to all of you who spent the time and took on the expense of executing Step 1 of this process. Your efforts are GREATLY APPRECIATED!  And if you did not complete Step 1, you can still complete step 2.

Step 1 involved sending Notices of Demand to the Governor and Legislature that informed them of various violations of their oaths of office, and gave them an opportunity to address the people's concerns. This first step eliminated any claims that our public servants may make to be acting in good faith. It required them to respond by explaining to us where in the Constitutions they have been granted the authority to trespass on the protected the rights of the people, which they could not do because the constitutions do not grant them that authority.

Step 2 requires sending Notices by Affidavit to the Governor and Legislature. This document repeats the violations of their oaths of office as sworn testimony. We are acting as witnesses to violations of oath by our public servants.  The Notices by Affidavit must be NOTARIZED. (Notary service is available for FREE at any bank or credit union where you have an account.  NMSUp has arranged for FREE notary service at the next Santa Fe unMasked meeting at ATM on July 22.) While this requires additional effort on your part, it ensures that the claims documented therein are recognized as truth and fact if our public servants do not rebut the claims. The document also establishes that the unrebutted claims may be used as evidence of wrongdoing in future legal action.

You will find documents and the instructions for executing them all available for download below. 

Our goal is to get as many New Mexicans as possible to let the Governor and Legislature know that we have woken up to the truth of the law and the power vested in the people.  Thank you for your participation and please spread the word!!!

The response we get from this action will inform our next steps.

Direct any questions to

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