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NM Stands UP!



August 2021, Vol. 1 No. 1







For now we see through a glass darkly; but then face to face.


1 Corinthians 13:12










from the desk of Ana Garner, Lead Attorney;




Greetings, fellow freedom lovers,


We’re excited to launch our first NM Stands Up Newsletter!


And, I’m really pleased to be connecting with you more directly through this publication.


As you can guess, with all the freedoms encroachments happening quickly enough to make heads spin, we’ve been on the lawsuit file and respond fast track while operations develops this new organization's (NMSUP est. March 2021) structure, processes and procedures, step by step getting us to the point where we can finally reach out and connect with you.


Worldwide, the pressure amps up as the LIE continues its path of destruction. In response, NMSUP expanded its legal public service to extra-judicial. Additionally, we're reaching further and deeper into where do we go from here, and what actions do we, 1,500+ members, take to create an independent sustainable network FOR US. To that result, NMSUP launches online membership meetings starting Sunday, August 15th. Invitations will be emailed closer to the date.


This first newsletter is special. It's really a clarion call to action and annual report combined as it sets up a more direct and consistent connection between us, while covering the milestones achieved as a small legal team of volunteers in August 2020 - to today's full fledged membership organization. NMSUP was created from the need for Truth and by the contributions of service and funding received from within and without New Mexico.


Remarkable achievement comes from people working together toward something meaningful, and it doesn't take many to accomplish much as you'll note from the NMSUP TIMELINE below. 


There's a lot to catch you up on, so let's get to it!








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1. THERE IS NO EMERGENCY! The first case (filed December 21, 2020) against the governor and public health directors has stalled on the judge’s desk. Defendants filed a motion to dismiss, we filed a response. After a briefing which was complete on March 23, the case has languished.


When Co-counsel Jonathan Diener called the judge’s office to find out why the delay, the reason given by the court was that a person outside of the case, an interloper, wants the court to force NMSUP to accept him in the case as a plaintiff.


The delay was explained thusly: the court wants to decide on the motion to intervene before dealing with - the defendant’s previously filed motion to dismiss.


BACKGROUND: The person attempting to apply legal force for inclusion into this case is not new to NMSUP. Prior to the filing, he requested to be a plaintiff to NMSUP directly. The application was carefully considered, the pros and cons were weighed and the application declined.


Interestingly, when the defendants were given (by the court) the opportunity to accept this forced insertion upon NMSUP - they too opposed the motion! Neither side wants this person in the case, however, he continues to insist -- which continues the delay. (according to the court)


There's things going on here that we don't know about, but this we do know - - extended delays damage the case, further harming the plaintiffs while saving the state from having to answer to the people of New Mexico. We prepared a brief in opposition.


NMSUP is working on this, stay tuned!


IN THE MEANTIME.. things develop at a rapid pace and Dr. David Martin calls it like it is. Interestingly, he is calling it using the Patent trail as the revealing mechanism. The Patent trail is important to the reveal of truth, we hit a few highlights of it in the TIMELINE within this complaint, excerpt:


A. Timeline


18. The following is a timeline of events and references to place this case in context:


2014-19 National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the organization led by Dr. Anthony Fauci, funded scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and other institutions for work on “gain-of-function” research on bat coronaviruses. In


2015 Testing method for COVID-19 was patented in Holland by Richard Rothschild.10


2017 With the backing of NIAID, the National Institutes of Health committed $3.7 million over six years for research that included gain-of-function work. The program followed another $3.7 million, 5-year project for collecting and studying bat coronaviruses, which ended in 2019 bringing the total to $7.4 million.8 “Gain-of-function” is the euphemism for biological research aimed at increasing the virulence and lethality of pathogens and viruses.9


2017 Millions of COVID-19 test kits are sold worldwide, including to the United States for a disease that supposedly did not exist.11



  • 10/18: EVENT 201, “Coronavirus Pandemic Exercise” held in New York City sponsored by John Hopkins Center for Health Security, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and World Economic Forum. 12

  • 12/8 - First person to test positive (Wuhan, China).13



2. NO SHOT MANDATE! The world’s first - NO C SHOT MANDATE lawsuit, a.k.a, the Dona Ana County case (NM) was filed by NMSUP. This lawsuit challenges the covid shot mandate of the county's first responders. In response to changes in plaintiff circumstance and with the addition of a new plaintiff; an Amended Complaint was filed.


The original plaintiff, Isaac Legaretta, faced such hostile work conditions he felt unsafe to remain in the position of Corrections Officer in the county detention center. Forced out, he fortunately found an employer that did not require the jab.


Even though the County didn’t actually fire him, intentional manipulation of his job title and income as well as harassment -- is considered “constructive termination” under the law. Isaac was wrongfully terminated by an employer creating hostile work conditions.


The plaintiff added to the complaint is a former county employee who was fired for refusal of the jab. The complaint seeks reinstatement to his original position with back pay.


The complaint also seeks a declaration judgment from the court that federal law preempts state or county law that attempts to mandate an experimental medical product. In our Amended Complaint, we added counts for violations of the Whistleblower Act, as well as violations of customary international norms evidenced by the Nuremberg Code, Helsinki Treaty and the like, and a human rights violation count.


Defendants filed a Motion to Dismiss on June 3, based on standing and lack of jurisdiction. Our response has been filed, their reply is due soon.



3. NO FORCED FACE DIAPER! We proudly represent BackStreet Grill (BSG), an Albuquerque restaurant that has courageously taken a stand against the illegal mask mandates by refusing to enforce forced mask wearing by employees and customers. In a radical departure from the nanny state, this restaurant allowed employees to make their own choice.


For their noncompliance, the restaurant was besieged by:

  • NM Environmental Dept.: the supposed enforcers of OSHA regulations -- not of illegal mandates (Working hard to keep employees safe from dangerous conditions!)

  • City of Albuquerque: Suspended, then revoked their food permit license

  • Department of Health

  • BONUS: Criminal summons from the state police


All of these agencies came down on BSG at the same time. We won the hearing on whether the TRO (temporary restraining order - granted without a hearing) should be extended. The judge did not extend the TRO. Part of the reasoning was the recent change in the CDC recommendation that “fully vaccinated” persons no longer need to wear the mask.


The judge noted that the governor now mandates that only the un-injected must continue to wear masks and remarked, “How exactly do they intend to enforce this?”


While the courts do . . . do . . . do . . . ... NMSUP gathers no moss.




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Rio Rancho Track Meet, March 27, 2021, Credit: KRQE






On the heels of a masked runner's collapse on March 27, 2021 at a state run track meet, and after contact from many concerned parents about mandated school and athletics mask-wearing; NMStandsUp wrote and emailed a Cease & Desist letter to the NM Athletic Assoc., Dept. of Health, and others, specifically in regard to the (at the time) upcoming Rio Rancho State-wide track meet on June 26, 2021.


The Cease and Desist was to stop state agencies from enforcing a new mask mandate for the athletes, which allowed only fully vaxxed students to compete mask-free. (The prior mandate in effect when Adam collapsed, required all athletes to be masked.) Also, NMSUP sent a Tort Claims Act Notice to the appropriate agencies advising of a potential claim by Adam and his parents.


ABOVE: NM State Tournament, March 27, 2021, of mask-mandated student runners. BELOW: Adam Donaldson collapses at the finish line at the feet, and in plain sight, of those who enforce this insanity. Yet there was no policy change for the non-injected. That would imply that as far as the state is concerned, it's o.k. for the non-injected to suffer the life and health threatening consequences of their mandates. 


As no one of the state or affiliated authority spoke in the defense of these students.. we ask the question DID NO ONE SEE THIS COMING? No school board members? No Principal? No Counselor? No Athletic Director? No one to protect the students?? Then what good are they?!






Image provided by Lisa Donaldson




Excerpt from a KRQE online article:


'Donaldson’s family believes the mask was a factor in his collapse. They would like to see the policy on mask-wearing in competitions reassessed.


“I feel like the mask mandate for running outdoors needs to be rethought."


-- Lisa Donaldson, mother of Adam Donaldson, who collapsed at the finish-line after running with a mandated mask at the Rio Rancho NM State Tournament track meet, April 16, 2021.


The NMAA says the mask policy tied to competition is ultimately a rule from the state’s medical experts. The organization says it’s not pushing for any changes to the policy at this point.'


Apparently, no one of 'authority' listened to what Adam's mother had to say.


Once again, I'm at a loss for words.


A plainly evident, life-health-threatening event three months before the June 26th meet and even so.. it's as as if nothing had ever happened.


Does it take a student to die before policy changes?


NMSUP sent its CEASE & DESIST letter to those in 'authority', waited and watched.


And then, without a public statement of change... at the June tournament no athlete wore a mask while running. We have not heard a thing about our letter having anything to do with this outcome. But we have heard stories of similarly quiet beneficial aftereffects following the distribution of Cease & Desist letters in other states to other state officials.


ARTICLE: NM Las Cruces Sun-News, Miranda Cyr, May 4, 2021:


Group presses New Mexico to reconsider student mask-wearing policy, especially athletes










We’re strongly considering a lawsuit concerning the child abuse of the public school children in New Mexico for the damaging effects of forced mask wearing, social distancing, discrimination and coercion to comply with unconscionable, irrational mandates.


Momentum in defending children in this matter comes from a Weimer, Germany Family Court victory which found mask mandates for students, PCR tests threats and social distancing to be child abuse.


NMSUP legal team researchers are looking into NM Public Education Department laws and admin codes while gathering potential plaintiffs. In this group action, Sarah Smith, of sister organization NM Freedoms Alliance (NMFA), manages the research and records the heartbreaking testimonies of public school mandate injured teachers and students.










A recently filed lawsuit on behalf of America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) in Alabama, challenges the extension of the Emergency Use Authorization to allow children down to age 12 to receive the bioweapon shot.


Given that children have a statistical risk of death from Covid of ZERO, there is absolutely no justification for putting a dangerous experimental product into their little bodies! Children are at greater risk of dying from the shot, or having long-lasting adverse health effects from it. A TRO (temporary restraining order) was filed to stop the HHS and FDA from extending the “Emergency Use Authorization” for children down to the age of 12 to receive the jab.


The court immediately denied the TRO without a hearing, while allowing a full briefing by the opposing counsel. So, in the meantime, many more young people have been injected. Now even Pfizer admits that 4 out of 5 of all children shot under the age of 19 complain of side effects, some of which are very serious.




excerpt from NM, Santa Fe Reporter, June 15, 2021


'Dr. Tracie Collins, appearing in her final news conference before returning to the University of New Mexico (to lead UNM College of Population Health), provided an overview on COVID-19 and also previewed a new initiative,, geared at encouraging people to catch up on their health care with their primary care providers.


Collins also announced a new back-to-school vaccination program, co-sponsored with the state education department, in which participating pharmacies will provide children ages 12-17 COVID-19 vaccines without appointments starting today through Aug. 15.'



There is so much to be said here, that I'm not going to say.


We think the public should read this February 8, 2021 deposition given by this DOCTOR, the current NM Secretary of State, who is to now lead the UNM College of Population Health.


The writing is on the wall... every parent and able to teach person, must come together to organize homeschooling and journeyman work/learn programs for their children, communities.




While we attorneys are prohibited from soliciting cases, I want to advise parents of some rights. First, your child does not need to reveal his or her medical information to anyone, including whether he/she had a shot or not. AND, if your child is injured from wearing a mask at school functions, you have only 90 days from the date of injury to give Tort Claims Act Notice.


If such happens, we’ll help if we can




















Constitutional remedy is a new frontier for NMSUP, it's something all would benefit from knowing about and exercising. Knowledge is power, and the people hold a power most are unfamiliar with, I recommend you read these documents and see how they make you feel.


An message from the co-ordinator of this program...


Dear New Mexicans,


Please join us in continuing to Put the Governor and Legislature on Notice!


Step 2 – Establishing Evidence of Wrongdoing

(You can complete Step 2 if you did not complete Step 1)


Deadline for Action is August 7 -- Earlier is Better! 


New Mexico Stands Up! has launched a new initiative to hold our public servants accountable for violations of their oath and our God-given constitutional rights.


We are using a constitutional remedy, which is a process executed by all of us as individuals, in which we exercise the power of the people as clearly defined in our state and federal constitutions. This action is a multi-step, extrajudicial process, executed outside of the courts, that compliments the lawsuits undertaken by NMSUp. The current campaign is directed at our New Mexico Governor and Legislature. 


Step 1 involved sending Notices of Demand to the Governor and Legislature that informed them of their various violations of oath and gave them an opportunity to address the people's concerns. This first step eliminated any claims that our public servants may make to be acting in good faith. It required them to respond by telling us where in the Constitutions they are granted the authority to disregard the rights of the people. 


THANK YOU to all of you who took the time and took on the effort and expense of executing this first step! Your efforts are GREATLY APPRECIATED! You can complete Step 2 even if you did not complete Step 1. 


Step 2 requires the sending of Notices by Affidavit to the Governor and Legislature. This document repeats the violations of oath of our public servants documented as sworn testimony. We are acting as witnesses to the violations of oath of our public servants. This document must be NOTARIZED. (Notary service is available for FREE at any bank or credit union where you have an account.)


While this requires additional effort on your part, it ensures that the claims documented therein are recognized as truth and fact if our public servants do not rebut the claims. The document also establishes that the unrebutted claims may be used as evidence of wrongdoing in future legal action. 


Please visit the New Mexico Stands Up! website and follow the link on the home page to the action page. There you will find documents and the instructions available for download. 


Direct any questions to

The following steps must be completed by Saturday August 7th. 


Our goal is to get as many New Mexicans as possible to let the Governor and Legislature know that we have woken up to the truth of the law and the power vested in the people.


Thank you for your participation and please spread the word!








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Jonathan Deiner and I welcome to the legal team another freedom fighter attorney, Vanessa DeNiro of DeNiro Law, Albuquerque. I want to take a moment here to brag about a recent victory Vanessa had as a result of sending an employer a Cease & Desist letter she crafted using the NMSUP Dona Ana County NO SHOT MANDATE C&D as the template.


From Vanessa:


"I was representing an employee of a small local business who, even though she had had and recovered from COVID-19, was being coerced by her employer to have the Covid-19 injection or face termination of her employment. The employer refused to accept the employee’s medical and religious exemptions and insisted that employers have the right to force their employees to get the injection as well as booster shots.


The employee advised her employer that she had retained counsel and her attorney would be sending her a letter. Under the New Mexico Stands Up! letterhead, we prepared a Cease and Desist letter to the employer. On the very day we sent the employer the Cease and Desist letter, the employer wisely saw that ceasing the coercion, was advisable, and relented. The employer acknowledged the employee’s recovery of COVID-19 as a medical exemption and never bothered the employee again. The employee has her job, and keeps her health. Win-win all the way around."

This action and its outcome is the inspiration behind the NMSUP Cease and Desist letters for New Mexico workers, teachers, parents and children to distribute to employers and school administration.


Welcome Vanessa, we look forward to working with you!














With the launch of this newsletter begins the process of developing volunteer teams to help manage and coordinate these and other vitally important projects. Volunteer roles are listed below in TEAM DEVELOPMENT if you have something to offer that isn't listed, please let us know.


If you can devote time and assistance to co-creating breakthrough changes that directly affect our lives, contact us at 









A most sincere thank you from all of us at NM Stands UP! to our donors, many of whom give regularly - We so appreciate you.


Without the contribution of our donors and volunteers we wouldn't exist. As obvious as that statement is, the potent meaning of giving back to the givers, to those who need what we can offer, is an ever present awareness that propels us through our days.


We will continue to do, what we do, as long as our members want us to.


Every contribution is meaningful.







Please support these and upcoming public interest actions with your donation.


In coming together a way forward is found.






~ D O N A T E - H E R E ~







OF NOTE: Regarding NMSUP's ability to accept large donations in exchange for a donor tax benefit... to become umbrellaed under a related 501c3 (NMSUP has the 501c3 connection) is a top priority. The assistance of an NP CPA is required (requested below) to carry through this process. We look forward to completing this task as soon as possible and will keep you informed. Likewise, let us know if you can assist in this endeavor.














Help Expose Corruption: Send a Tip




1: a piece of advice or expert or authoritative information

2: a piece of advance or confidential information given by one thought to have access to special or inside sources


Insiders... Whistleblowers…

Would you like to help your fellow New Mexicans, humanity, air the TRUTH and regain our health and personal liberty freedoms?


Help us publicly demonstrate in a court of law and in community action -- just how deep the rabbit hole goes. If you have the goods and want to blow the whistle on someone or something very objectionable, we’d like to help bring meaning to what you have to offer.

Through NM Stands Up’s actions you can expose an injustice or wrongdoing to which you have either first-hand experience of and/or through sourceable, legally-actionable information that you have direct access to.


Please be mindful of these parameters before initiating contact, we are super busy.


For further information and instructions.







MORE Welcomes and Thank Yous!


• WELCOME - Derek Strauch NMSUP Director of Community Development. As NMSUP business community liaison, Derek’s business background is applied to business networking, promotion, event production and specialized fundraising for particular projects and operations.


In response to NMSUP's movement into the defense of children from state/institutional abuse, Derek initiated this Go Fund Me - NO CHILD MASK MANDATE! fundraising campaign. Stop by the page to show us how you feel about NMSUP moving forward in this regard.


CLICK the GO FUND ME logo to DONATE and/or COPY THE URL to social media POST/SHARE  - Thank you -

























• WELCOME - Mike Ely NMSUP Strategic Director. Mike applies his expertise in profit and non-profit business planning and development and sales/fundraising and management to the development of NMSUP as an organization and to the promotion of its initiatives.





• Maggie M.

• Liberty Anne

• Carl B.

• Robert H.

• Don M.

• David X. Gordon

• and Rusty Allen with

Answering the call, these fine people stepped up donating their time and expertise to pressing, complex and critical projects for the benefit of their fellows in exceptional fashion. 





Sunday July 11th NMSUP had a Constitutional Remedy outreach table at Legacy Church in Albuquerque (three services) to inform people of their rights and role within the extrajudicial process of constitutional remedy as defined in detail above.


The audience was welcoming, receptive to taking a stand, appreciative of the information and for the access to this avenue of redress. To be in the presence of a large gathering of like minded people is a wonderful thing.










It is truly an honor and privilege to serve our contributors and greater community, a growing network of aware, like-minded, individuals, at such a critical time. We could not get along without any of these wonderful people.


I want to express my deep gratitude toward our generous volunteers and donors and to those who support us with their prayers, I love you!


God Bless New Mexico and America,


Ana Garner, Founder and Lead Council of NM Stands Up!















As related by someone who was there.


• Mid May 2020 Ana asked me to accompany her to a Santa Fe UNMASKED meeting at a public park. At that time, Ana was a retiring attorney, I, a retired businesswoman... just two PISSED OFF older people. Pissed about mandated masks, the looming specter of mandated shots, overall, about the outrageous fraud behind a mega buffet of deception.


Within a short time, Ana was asked to develop a complaint suing the NM governor and public health directors (NO EMERGENCY). She and a small group of about 4-5 volunteers accepted the challenge.


• August Inspired by the Ohio Stands Up! THERE IS NO EMERGENCY filing by Tom Renz along with his generous support in the development of the NM filing, the legal team was well into writing its first complaint.


• December 21, 2020, The NM THERE IS NO EMERGENCY suit was filed.


NMSUP the legal actions that followed..


  • 12/21/2020 - Hold the CDC Accountable! A Ohio Stands Up & NMSUP collaboration.

  • 2/28/21 - No Mandatory Injections! the Dona Ana case.


• March 2021 The legal team officially becomes, nonprofit LLC, Public Interest Legal Service dedicated to restoring Essential Life Rights.


• Until April 2021 NMSUP was 100% volunteer. Thanks to donor support, NMSUP is now able to offer stipends to four originating senior contributors.


• May 2021 Website launch


• May 2021 Research and planning of possible CHILD ABUSE legal action concerning masks and probably injections.


• June 2021 Cease & Desist and Constitutional Remedy public service projects begin.




NOW - NMSUP legal is a member of an outstanding multi-state legal team and a well regarded international legal team; worldwide we stand together in defense of essential life rights.


All of this momentum begetting great works produced by a small group of exceptional people, within a year or so. It's an amazing story. With additional volunteers and the continued support of donors, we can do a lot more.


Those associated with NM Stands UP! STAND for Truth and Liberty and for the honor and privilege of doing so. We connect with those who hold the same regard, and, as an extensive family we take this journey together.


A heartfelt thank you to those who took this journey with us.


Ingrid Bond

NMSUP Executive Director

and co-author of this publication











Ana Garner, seated, center










As demonstrated in the NMSUP TIMELINE above, volunteers are critically important to NMSUP's continued operation and our collective future. We greatly value and regard those we work with and endeavor to create optimum collaborative scenarios.





- Attorneys

- Paralegals

- Legal Researchers



Commitments of 2 or more days a week.



- Editors

- Contributors


We'd like a monthly newsletter with intermittent updates. To accomplish that goal, a dedicated newsletter production team will be needed. Until that happens we cannot commit to the frequency of this publication.



- Coordinators: Group support and communications




NP accounting and IRS reporting proficient





NOTE: The large square graphics throughout this newsletter are meant for social media distribution. If you cannot lift them off of this format - let us know, we'll send them to you -


ALSO: The Go Fund Me - Free the Children campaign PAGE LINK

Please widely distribute this link as you navigate social media, thanks.



- PR Writers/distributors

- Public media production

- Proofers/Editors (of publicly disseminated materials)



- Locations

- Caterers

- Equipment/Materials

- Production Coordinators

- Invitation and Ticket management/administration



- Meeting Admins and Mods


This is a partial wish list. If you have something to offer not listed, let us know.





Please be mindful of these basic parameters before initiating contact with NMSUP, how we are approached matters.


• First and foremost NMSUP is a public service organization. We constantly evaluate - what action can I take in this moment that best addresses the rapidly increasing public need? For us to work with someone this has to be their focus too.


Because of the significance of the call and because we're a lean organization, resource usage must be prioritized. Unfortunately, NMSUP cannot respond to emails and calls that are not directly applicable to the task at hand. Specifically in regard to volunteer submissions, each is thankfully reviewed and considered. If there is a present potential, contact follows. If there isn't an appropriate roll available at the time, the communication is recorded and contact reissued when new options appear.



• NMSUP is a young organization that often enough doesn't operate flawlessly nor fast. The need is huge, the pressure significant, and the work flow often tied to legal schedules... how this organization operates (particularly at this time) is not everyone's cup of tea, flexibility and patience is required.


• Although these are volunteer positions, we certainly don't consider them any less important than a $100K++ salaried position, likely, more valuable. We work within an atmosphere that has an inherently high level of accountability and visibility - where due diligence is the order of the day. Diligence and accountability is applied to everything, from producing a document that holds up in court to accepting people to work with. How rigorous a volunteer review is depends on the confidential nature of the position/roll. All this to say, the NMSUP review isn't the standard review for a standard volunteer role.


• AVAILABILITY: We see a submission to volunteer as a stepping up to make a commitment and take it seriously. Before addressing NMSUP as an potential collaborator, thoughtfully consider just how available you really are. Be clear and upfront with yourself about scheduling, specialty, level and area of experience, what you'd most love to do. Are you a team or solo flyer? Local or remote?



DO regard these points in your communication with us. Use easy to sort keywords, keep the description concise, and attach a CV or similar - so we have a good idea of your experiential level and what you'd be most happily engaged in as we collectively move forward into a new reality.


Thank you for your consideration and support.


Personally, (Ingrid speaking here) volunteering was a high powered magnet to my true purpose. A key factor in freeing myself from old world bondage and preparation for stepping into the new. As I applied myself to the need with only the thought of giving whatever I could, what I was inherently designed to do - rushed to meet me. And in time, coming to provide all I required and then some. This phenomenon would never have occurred through an old world, round peg in a square hole, matrix paying J O B.


I am convinced that volunteering for the greater good will naturally lead one to everything of importance, most especially now.










Congratulations! You receive the 'I REACHED THE THE NMSUP NEWSLETTER K2 SUMMIT' Award! 


We've reviewed where we've been, where we're at, and a bit of where we're going in legal and nonjudicial/constitutional venues, which addresses two parts of an expansive three part plan.


Part lll is a view from further out - a bigger picture directly related to the question of: where do we go from here?


To respond to this critical point, NMSUP intends to actively collaborate with those of the like-minded network (within and without NM) that organically developed in response to our work. Our goal is to increasingly and directly, respond to the needs of the outliers (of a world, society, gone rogue) - in a daily living kind of way. This collaborative application requires consistent connection, so, in addition to newsletter updates, NMSUP will launch our first Sunday online NMSUP member meeting, August 15th. This will be a gathering of real-life-freedom-loving people taking stock of our collective assets, i.e., personal skills, services, and other resources, planning on how to employ them personally while parlaying them further out into the development of a state-wide sustainable network.


Now you see where we're coming from. 


Moving forward into really iffy times - every major benefit will come from connection and collaboration - from responsibly giving however we can to the development of a sustaining network. Likewise, the communication and personnel co-ordination support received from contributors dedicated to the development of this life-time project are vital to its forward progression.


If you have what it takes to assist as an admin assistant, volunteer co-ordinator, in newsletter production or online meeting endeavors let us know














For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world.

Ephesians 6:12








The Waymaker,


LIFE is TRUTH and TRUTH illuminates the way through the darkness. . .

hold fast and be of service to TRUTH for the Saving Grace that it is.










1000 Cordova Place #644, Santa Fe, NM, USA

(505) 930-5170

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