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Here's an opportunity to be a part of not only a group of  non-partisan, freedom-loving patriots, but an historic movement. Help New Mexico Stands Up! make a difference. There are so many ways to show your support. Consider donating, volunteering, and sharing our message and website via social media. Thank you for your support.

This effort is possible because of the generous support of individuals like you. 
Please consider a recurring donation. If 1,000 people commit to a monthly donation of $5 each, those cumulative donations would be a powerful force behind our ongoing efforts. Help us to meet our goal! 

How are your donations used? Our attorneys have worked on a pro bono basis up till now to get 3 lawsuits filed and follow-up on subsequent motions, but reduced-rate compensation for attorneys may be required at some point as additional suits are filed and the lawsuits advance through the courts. Donations are also used to fund court costs, depositions, and support services like communication tools, web hosting, and advertising.

New Mexico Stands Up! is a non-partisan, volunteer-driven organization. Your help is needed with a variety of tasks related to fundraising, public outreach, research support, and more. If you have professional expertise to share, please let us know. Click on the 'Subscribe' link below, fill out the form and let us to match your skills with a specific task or need. Thank you for your support.

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