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Restoring essential rights and health freedom.

New Mexico Stands Up! is a non-partisan, volunteer-driven organization working to protect individual rights through public interest legal action, provide additional support to New Mexicans facing loss of health freedom, and educate the public about the reality of the declared public health emergency and their rights with regard to mandated medical interventions.

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We're an volunteer-driven organization and could use your help.


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Read about our current efforts to litigate COVID-19 mandates and challenge the state of public health emergency.

Know Your Rights

New Mexico Stands Up! has compiled attorney-sourced and other documents to help you understand your right to resist COVID-19 mandates and to communicate those rights to your employer.

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New Mexico Stands Up! Relies On Your Support!

New Mexico Stands Up! is a volunteer-driven non-profit. Because of the generous support of loyal supporters like you, we're able to continue our work throughout the state in an effort to protect your rights.


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